The Path To Divine Union

Are you looking for love? Would you like to be able to share your life in a sweet intimate way with your soul mate? Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Would you like to know how you can have this in your life?  It’s by letting go of the past. We’ve all been in bad relationships and are afraid now to fully commit to the process right?  We’re afraid of being hurt or rejected again. That fear of being unloved and feeling unlovable, it’s the worst isn’t it? I know that’s how I felt when I was going through the divorce process. It was awful and painful. My heart was broken- fortunately I took the time to heal myself and to get to know myself better. I wanted to feel whole and to love myself in a brand new way so I could attract the high quality partner that I wanted. My intention was “I deserve to be loved the way I want to be loved.” Which was being treated respectfully, being loved for who I am, being appreciated for me, having a strong foundation of trust, and giving and receiving love and joy. You can have that too.

Sometimes relationships don’t work out or you may have experienced several relationships that haven’t worked. You keep trying to make them work and they don’t, but you’ve tried haven’t you? You’ve spent time working at being hopeful, then feeling frustrated, angry and resentful. How much time have you spent on counseling, or doctor’s bills due to stress and aggravation? Then there’s the pain the suffering, and heartache. You have felt unlovable, unworthy and not confident.  Many people I have spoken to say they have spent years and years and thousands and thousands of dollars if not millions on relationships. Spending all this time trying to find the right one, or getting over the bad relationships.All in search of love and being loved by someone.

If you are tired of all that then I have good news, I want to tell you about my divine matchmaking program and having a divine union relationship.  With my divine matchmaking program of life coaching and energy healing I will help you to clear those defeating patterns of the past relationships and help you to rebuild your self-esteem, self confidence and having renewed self love. To have something even better you have to let go of the past and all those old stories especially the ones about being in a relationship. I know your saying ‘but I’ve done so much work already.’ 

So my question to you is do you have what you want now? No?  Then it’s this simple, there are more layers to clear from your heart so that it can be open to receive and to give. We have many hurts and wounds around our heart for protection.  You have to be willing to let these go to truly have an open heart to love yourself and a new partner. Otherwise it will never happen.  I will be with you every step of the way on this journey to your self-healing so it is safe, compassionate and even enjoyable. Re-connecting to your self love and joy is a beautiful rebirthing process for men and women. You deserve it, it is not too late to experience the love of your life.

Ladies, imagine having a great life partner who knows himself, is connected to you– you see the look in his eyes when he looks at you. You have unlimited fun and a depth of communication and passion you haven’t experienced before.

Men, the concept of traditional marriage is obsolete. You are going to a whole new level of relationship in a divine union. This is beauty, excitement, unlimited sex with a woman who inspires your soul in so many ways. This is where your divine masculine self steps forward to love and accept yourself and this beautiful partner you are now with to share your life.

As a divine union relationship you have the ability with my help, to manifest ten-fold. What I am helping you to create and live every day of your life is not an ordinary relationship…this is divinely Extraordinary.

You can tell based on my description that this is not the run of the mill matchmaking service.  Once the internal healing is underway, then I start the search to your divine match using my expertise in executive search now this is a divine love search for your extraordinary partner. This is a journey of reconnection to self-love, and a soul connection partner to experience divine love and an extraordinary divine union relationship.

Remember, you have spent thousands of hours, time, money, pain and suffering on what didn’t work in the past. You don’t have what you want now, and time is moving too fast to wait.  This is an investment in your greatest happiness. You’ve invested in your education, your career, your business, and even your retirement. Investing in a divine relationship – true love – is the best investment you’ll ever make!

Are you ready to invest in the love healing solution of my divine matchmaking process so that you can have and experience the love of your life? Yes? Then is it’s time to sign up so you can start moving forward to your divine union relationship with my help, wisdom, and intuitive guidance.

Regina Sisco

Divine Matchmaker

Divine you, then divine two.

 Regina Sisco is a certified Life & Relationship Coach. She is an expert with helping people transform their relationship suffering into self-acceptance and relationship bliss.

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